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Craig Douglas Craig Douglas' real name is Terence Perkins and he was born in Newport,on The Isle of Wight. Craig made his recording debut in 1958 and first made the UK charts in the summer of 1959 with a cover version of 'A Teenager in Love'. In those days a lot of British singers were covering American hits, and in this case it was Dion and the Belmonts who had the original stateside hit. Marty Wilde also covered it over here. After an appearance on the successful TV show '6.5 Special', Craig hit the big-time with a cover of the Sam Cooke hit, 'Only Sixteen'. Although Al Saxon also recorded it, Craig's version was far more successful, shooting up to No.1 and staying there for 4 weeks. The song was co-written by Herb Alpert, who would have a hit himself with 'This Guy's In Love With You' in 1968.

Craig was voted 'Best New Singer' in the NME reader's poll and continued to record some excellent singles during the early 60's - 'Time', 'Our Favourite Melodies', 'Heart of a Teenage Girl', 'Pretty Blue Eyes' and 'When My Little Girl is Smiling' were all Top 10 hits. In 1961,his recording of 'A Hundred Pounds of Clay', another Top 10 hit, ran into trouble with the BBC, being a semi-religious song that told the story of God creating a woman who was ready to give 'lots of loving for a man'.

During 1962 Craig was on a tour, which was headed by Little Richard, and on Oct 28, whilst performing at The Empire Theatre in Liverpool, he was backed by a new group who had just had a small hit - they were The Beatles!

He made his last chart entry, 'Town Crier', in 1963 and has also featured in three films, including 'It's Trad Dad', in which John Leyton also appeared. Today Craig continues to be a true show business professional and appears in concerts all over the country.

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