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Billy Fury Tribute
If my memory serves me correctly the first time I appeared in concert with Billy Fury was on Sunday 10th September 1961. ‘Johnny Remember Me’ had reached the No.1 position in the UK charts and as per the New Musical Express Headlines of 25th August 1961 I had been invited to replace Gene Vincent on the bill for the NME ‘Big Stars of 1961’ Concert at Wembley, as Gene had been taken ill.
Poll Winners
Billy was an established pop star and already had had much chart success. Here I was on a bill with so many other recognised hit makers of that time. It was all happening very quickly for me.
Later that year, in October, I was asked to step in, at very short notice, for Billy when he had been taken ill during his ‘Star Spangled Nights’ tour. It was my pleasure to do so. In April 1962 I also appeared with Billy at the annual NME ‘Poll-Winners’ Concert at Wembley.
When Billy and myself toured together in 1962 we developed a very good friendship. Travelling to the theatres together and also occasionally enjoying a meal together. We also had a lot of laughs. I always found Billy to be a very friendly but quiet person. He was a great artiste and was a great loss to the music industry.Billy Fury
As already mentioned in my newsletter I was delighted to be asked by Odeon Entertainment to participate in their Billy Fury DVD project.
Billy and his music are still very popular today. His fan club has a thriving membership and his music is kept alive by shows such as ‘The Billy Fury Story’ and many tribute acts. Guitarist Peter Williams has recorded 2 really excellent instrumental tribute CDs that have been so popular with Billy’s fans that regular re-presses of them are necessary.
Billy Fury by Peter Williams
Check out our website Juke Box facility and listen to a couple of Peter’s excellent interpretations of Billy’s tracks. Both CDs along with other Peter Williams CDs are available for sale from our website shop. (Pictures Copyright Chris Eley)
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