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This page is devoted to John's many fans. The website is a forum for the sharing of information and news on all aspects of John's career. Fans will be able to post images and share details of past events and their personal memorabilia collections.
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Todd Slaughter
John and Todd Slaughter John with Todd Slaughter at the Elvis week concert at Mablethorpe on 26th September 2007. (pictured kindly supplied by Nathan Hulse (The Rapiers)

Jane Taylor
John and Jane Taylor John with Jane Taylor and her sister Susan at a recent concert.

John and Joe Robertson with a group of diners at a business dinner at The Dorchester Hotel in the late 80's.

Peter Gibson
Peter In October and November 1962 John and Adam Faith toured New Zealand along with Charles Blackwell and Adam’s then backing group The Roulettes. Whilst appearing and staying in Christchurch New Zealand they met and signed items for a young man who lived in Christchurch -Peter Gibson.

Iris Bartle
Iris In December 1962 John appeared on the BBC’s ‘Juke Box Jury’. In the audience was a young lady, named Iris Bartle, then aged aged 16 who was the winner in a competition organized by ‘Trio’ magazine. We are delighted that Iris has shared her memories of that ‘special’ evening with us and sent the photograph.

John Leyton fans Guy and Sally Mackenzie have a new website with some great shots of Guy's guitar collection and information on his musical background. Guy was inspired by the music of Joe Meek and his recording artistes, John being one of them.

September 2008 update:
Linda and Harry Kent have kindly sent in this photo from a concert at Butlins, Skegness, they have also sent many other excellent pictures of myself on stage at this event that we plan to use at some later date. The photo (left to right) features Clem Cattini, Dave Berry, Harry, Alan Moska and myself. Skegness September 08 Sally and Guy Mackenzie have also kindly sent in photos from a recent Juke Box Heroes concert at Babbacombe.
Pictured are Sally and her pet dog 'Porgy' with myself and Guy with myself.
Check out Guy's website and view many other excellent pictures. Sally Mackenzie Guy MacKenzie

Many of you will have already come across young John Leyton fan, Sam Pagett. Sam plays a mean saxaphone and you may have heard him play at various venues around the country accompanied by the vocally talented Debbie under the name of The Lady and The Sax. Visit their website and support this great young talent.
The Lady and the Sax

Many interesting and 'wonderful' items of memorabilia have been submitted to us over the last few weeks, photographs, newspaper and magazine articles as important personal memories. We have also been entrusted with items that are really treasured by the owners. Mention must be made of items sent in by Val Larner, Ann Woolcott & Liz, Shelia Wybergh, not forgetting even more pictures of 'rare' discs from Eric's collection. Our thanks also go to Vince & Maggie, Sonja & Peter, Dell Richardson, Geoff Barker, Graham Hunter, Greg O, David Boocock, Graham Hayes, Silvie, Rob Humphries, Rob Bradford, Mark Newson, David Peters, John Repsch, Jacky Cain, Ralph Gowling, Tony Harte, Chris Eley, Dave Lodge & Tommy Bruce, Andrew & Kitty, Derek Henderson, Paul Howes, Russtti Gaynor, Ingrid Khan, Katherine Camps ( Public Eye Communications), Pamela van Rensburg, Alan Blackburn, Chris Knight, Roger Dopson, Keith Skues, Eric ‘Monster’ Hall, Jess ConradJohn Cavanagh, Barbara Head, Mike Read, Maria, Becky, Vicky and Maureen, Chris Eley and Linda, Michele of Crash Records, Babs Male and Alan Wilson for their kind assistance. Thank you all for your support and to the many others of you for sending us your ideas and comments. Please keep sending them along with items that you feel will be of interest to John's other fans.
Fern the Red Deer Fern the Red Deer
Terry Isted has kindly supplied us with some photographs he took during the filming on location in Minehead, Somerset and on Exmoor
Fern the Red Deer Fern the Red Deer Fern the Red Deer Contest winners
Pictured with John are the prize winners of Disc's ' Girl Next Door' competition held in March 1961. The competition was to promote John's 'Girl On The Floor Above' single. This was the only visit that John made to 'Radio Luxembourg'.
(Cutting sent in by Mark Newson)
Tottenham Court Road 1962
1962 -John's annual fan club concert at the Empire Room, Tottenham Court Road, London.
John and Robert Stigwood
Pictured with John are Bob Kingston, his wife Kay and Robert Stigwood at the Edmundo Ross club in London. Bob was then the UK Managing Director of Southern Music the publishers of 'Johnny Remember Me'. The dinner was held to celebrate 'Johnny Remember Me' reaching the No1 position in the UK charts.
(Picture courtesy of Bob Kingston)
Geoff Goddard
Taken backstage at Hexagon Theatre, Reading when John was appearing on 'The Solid Gold' tour - late 90's. Photographer - Kim Pavey.
Photo supplied by Chris Knight.
Johnny Remember Me original sheet music that contained the original 'died' lyrics.
Signed by both John and Geoff Goddard the composer of the song.
Copyright Chris Knight.
RGM concert Bristol
RGM concert Bristol
'We're No Squares.'
Colston Hall, Bristol , 3rd February 1961. This concert also featured Geoff Goddard (aka Anton Hollywood) and was one of the first John Leyton concert appearances. Also appearing were John's good friend Iain Gregory and other Joe Meek related artistes Charles Blackwell and Joy and Dave.
Copyright Geoff Goddard/Chris Knight.
Look for a star LOOK FOR A STAR
The Western Star Sessions Volume 1

Below are extracts from some of the many messages that have been received by the Lone Rider Record Company about John's New CD:
"The CD arrived this morning and since then I haven't stopped playing it. I think the whole album is SUPERB". (MK)
"Received John's CD today and I am very surprised, it exceeds all my expectations, it must be one of his best ever. It has a real 60's sound. A really good CD."(DP)
"In my opinion the standout track is 'Forbidden Love', I played it 10 times on my way home from work. 'Jezebel', 'Wild Wind and Joe Meek in a magnificent brew. Worth the price of the CD for this one track. A great CD." (GO)
"The best CD I've heard of new recordings of 60's material for years". (PH)
"'Country Boy' a magnificent track, 'Look for a Star' a superb track, 'Forbidden Love' it's perfect, 'You took my love for granted' a sizzler of a track, thanks for this excellent CD." (RG)
"I can't stop playing the CD, it's wonderful" (VL)
"Well put together, a good quality recording".(MP)
"A fantastic CD, we've played it all week at work, John should be very proud for doing such a fantastic job". (MC)
"We think it's superb, it really captures the essence of the 60's".(DH)
"A really great CD, can't stop playing it" (LY)
"A very enjoyable CD" (RH)
Swedish and Japanese releases
Our trip down 'memorabilia' lane is courtesy of avid John Leyton fan Eric Gunn.
Eric has built up an amazing collection of items over the years and with his permission, to coincide with John's forthcoming Swedish Tour, we picture below a number of Swedish versions of John's releases. We are also pleased to show some of the very rare Japanese 45 rpm singles in his collection of John Leyton memorabilia.
Some of you may also wish to share your collections with other fans via our FANS page.
Wild Wind EP Wild Wind
C/w Johnny Remember Me
There must be
You took my love for granted.
Top Rank
TEP 170
Cupboard love
C/w Land of love
Voodoo woman
For sentimental reasons.
Skandinivska Grammofon
7 EGS 273
Greatest hits 8
Tell Laura I love her
Johnny Remember me
Beautiful dreamer
I'll cut your tail off.
Skandinivska Grammofon
7 EGS 150
Tell Laura I love her
C/w Thunder and Lightning
HMVX 8649
Skandinivska Grammofon
The Great escape The Great Escape
C/w I’ll cut your tail off
Odeon Records
CM 1023
Red Vinyl.
Johnny Remember me Johnny Remember Me
C/w There Must Be
Top Rank International
JET 1016 (Rank 1136)
Johnny Remember me Johnny Remember Me
C/w How will it end.
Odeon Records
0R 1715
Lonely City Lonely City
C/w Johnny my Johnny
Odeon Records
OR 1716
Red Vinyl
Lonely City Lonely City
C/w It would be easy
HM 1174
Red Vinyl.
John and Eric Gunn
John Leyton with Eric Gunn at Chippenham 2006
Gene Vincent.
During March 1963 John and
Gene Vincent completed a 4 date mini-tour.
[ view programme ]
Dates were:
24th March - Southport
25th March - Nottingham
30th March - Sunderland
31st March - Blackburn.
We are looking for any pictures
of John and Gene together.
If any of you can assist please
email us.
The tour programme has been
kindly supplied by fan Derek Henderson.
Derek has an excellent site for Gene Vincent.
John Leyton and Adam Faith
Request for Information
In addition to our quest to locate a picture of John and Billy Fury together during their 1962 UK tour, can any of you assist with the following:
We are attempting to locate items from John's tour of New Zealand with Adam Faith in the 60's and the TV appearances they made in Australia. Information has been obtained that John appeared on the Australian 'Bandstand' TV programme singing 'Down the River Nile'.
If you have any information, please contact us.
Trevor Simpson
We have been contacted by Trevor Simpson who is currently writing a book on Artiste's and Concert tours performed in Halifax during the 60's. We are assisting with Trevor's project and if any of you have information, photographs and memories of them please contact us.
David Boocock.
We have been attempting to assist David researching items for his NEW website.
He is carrying out research into Concert tours of the 60’s that appeared in Bradford.
David’s website is a real trip down ‘musical’ memory lane for all fans of 50’s & 60’s music, and is well worth a visit. He is still building the site and we have sent him some of our items that we hope will assist him in that process.
In the meantime, if anybody has any information on concert appearances that John may have made in Bradford in the 1960’s. please contact us.
Graham Hayes.
Graham is also in the process of creating a NEW website, Cherished Television, based around television series of the 50’s and 60’s and stars that appeared in them, John of course being one of the many that are to be featured. We are also assisting Graham and sharing items with him, as he is with us.
Graham’s site is well worth a visit.
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